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Whose Lion is it Anyway?
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November 2009
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Pibsky [userpic]

We're less than a week away from rockin' Midwest Furfest's Friday night for the 4th year in a row! 9 to 11, 9 to 11, 9 to 11 in Botanic A&B that's how we roll :P

Who are we going to see there?

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Pibsky [userpic]

The All Fur Radio interview scheduled for October 11th with Alkali and SemJay has been canceled. There was some issues with the station so the interview has to be rescheduled. We're hoping October 18th will be okay because after that Alkali and SemJay won't have the same weekends available until after Midwest FurFest.

Speaking of Midwest Furfest we are both REALLY excited to be celebrating the 4th year of Whose Lion along with the 10th year of MFF! We already have some hilarious things planned for this show and we're really counting on you all to show up and make it the best damn show ever! We had over 180 people at our AnthroCon show - can MFF's congoers beat that? We hope so!

Thanks to all of you who joined this group! If you could do us a huuge favor and tell fellow fans about our all our social networking spots, that would be great!

Live Journal: whoselion
Twitter: @WhoseLion
Facebook: Whose Lion is it Anyway?

See you all soon!


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Pibsky [userpic]

Hey everyone! I hope you all had great summers, I personally am welcoming the cooler fall weather! This is just a note to anyone who is interested in keeping up with us. Alkali and I have created a bunch of social networking groups so you can stay in touch with the latest "Whose Lion is it Anyway?" news!

Facebook: Whose Lion is it Anyway?
Twitter: @WhoseLion
LiveJournal: whoselion

We also have a WikiFur article and if you had any more questions, feel free to email us at WhoseLion[at]gmail[dot]com!

Don't miss our upcoming interview on All Fur Radio with DJ Joshiah - Sunday October 11th 2009. We are really looking forward to this interview and hope to supply everyone with an evening of laughs! Also, Come celebrate 10 years of MFF and 4 years of Whose Lion at Midwest Furfest this November - we promise to make it our best show yet!

And last, but certainly not last, if any of you have video or pictures from previous shows - send them to us! We obviously can't tape it ourselves when we're up on stage - so any help is appreciated! You can upload them to YouTube and send them to us, or there is a space on our facebook where you can upload them!

Hope to see you all soon!


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